Making True 3D Threads in Inventor

Inventor threads are by default only cosmetic. If we want to create actual modeled threads, we can use an add-in like threadModeler by CoolOrange. This plugin makes it possible to convert your default Inventor threads to actual threads.

Install threadModeler for Inventor 2020 or older

If you are using Inventor 2020 or lower, you should simply be able to install it from the Autodesk App Store.

Install threadModeler for Inventor 2021 or newer

threadModeler does not officially support versions newer than 2020. You can however still install it, and get it to work if you are willing to make a few simple changes in the installed files. This guide is based on the instructions found in this post.

  1. Install the app from Autodesk App Store
  2. Open the file:
  1. Change SeriesMax=“Ir24” to SeriesMax=“Ir30” (line 6) and save the file
  2. Open the file:
  1. In this file, delete line 11. It includes the tag: SupportedSoftwareVersionSmallerThan
  2. You can now open inventor
  3. You should now see coolorange-ThreadModeler in the add-in menu (Tools > Options > Add-ins)
  4. In this menu, unlock and load the plugin
  5. All done!

Using the Plugin

  1. Make a thread with the builtin thread tool
  2. Now open the coolOrange-tab and open the threadModeler tool
  3. Select the treads you want to convert on the model tree (usually to the left)
  4. Ensure that the thread settings are correct and press OK.
  5. Enjoy your beautiful threads!