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My name is Balder and this is my personal website. Here i write down what i learn to maybe help others some day. For now i will just act like people are reading my articles, and make them for fun.

This website has three main sections:

I write these articles for fun, and even though i try to make sure that they are correct, i am not a perfect human and there are sure to be mistakes. Below is a list of most recent articles in all categories.

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Chebyshev Filter
Chebyshev [Lektion 1 - Filterfunktioner.pdf#page=28#page=28](Lektion 1 - Filterfunktioner.pdf) 2dB ![450](Pasted image 20230914121712.png) #signalprocessing #filter
Circles A unit circle scaled by $a$ in the $x$-direction and by $b$ in the $y$ direction. $$\frac{x^{2}}{a} + \frac{y^{2}}{b} = 1$$ #matematik
Cirklens Ligning
Cirklens Ligning $$\sqrt{(x-x_0)^2 + (y-y_0)^2} = r$$ alternativ: $$(x-x_0)^2 + (y-y_0)^2 = r^2$$ Variabler: $C = (x_0,y_0)$, cirklens centrum $P = (x,y)$, punkt på cirklen $r = |\vec{CP}|$, cirklens radius Tangenter på cirklen Order of operations Find $\vec{CP}$ ved at sætte et tal ind på $x$’s plads i ligningen. Bemærk at der nok kommer to $y$-værdier ud, så må man bare vælge den rigtige. Vi kan nu sætte hat på $\vec{CP}$ for at finde tangentens retningsvektor og lave [parameterfremstilling#Parameterfremstilling](Linjer og Vektorer i 2D) eller bruge $\vec{CP}$ som normalvektor og opstille [linjens ligning#Linjens Ligningning](Linjer og Vektorer i 2D) for tangenten.
Classes in C++
Classes in C++ class MyClass { public: MyClass(); private:
Coulumbs konstant
Coulumbs konstant $$k_c=8.9876 \cdot 10^9 \ \frac{\text{N} \cdot \text{m}^2}{\text{C}^2}$$ #fysik
Coulumbs Lov
Coulumbs Lov $$F=k_c \cdot \frac{Q \cdot q}{r^2}$$ $F$: Tiltrækning- (hvis $F>0$) eller frastødningskraften (hvis $F < 0$). $Q$: den ene ladning $q$: den anden ladning $r$: Distancen mellem ladningerne $k_c$: [Coulumbs konstant](Coulumbs konstant) Minder om gravitationsloven. #fysik #elektronik
Craig's Notation
Craig’s Notation Frames are notated with curly braces around a capital letter, eg. $\set A$. $$^A\hat{X}_B$$ This is the notation for the x-axis of $\set B$ as seen from $\set A$. Translation $$^AP_2 =\ ^AP_1 +\ ^AQ$$ Here $^AQ$ is the translation. #kinematics
Cylinderiske Koordinater
Cylinderiske Koordinater Se i [bogen#page=625](Calculus 9th.pdf). Se også [Sfæriske Koordinater](Sfæriske Koordinater). Punkter er givet således $$P = [r, \theta,z]$$ $r$ : Længden fra $z$ aksen. $\theta$ : Vinklen fra $x$ aksen i $xy$ planen. $z$ : Højden Oversæt til Cartesiske koordinater $$x= \cos \theta \s y = r \sin \theta \s z = z$$ #matematik
D Latch
D-Latch (Set-Reset latch) States Gated D-Latch A way to prevent the forbidden state state ($R = 0$ and $S = 0$). When the clock is pulsed, the D-input is stored and output. States for the Gated D-Latch #microcontrolers
Data Communication
Data Communication Aspects of Protocols Syntax: The format/structure of the data. Semantics: How the recipient understands the data. Timing: How fast data should be sent or recieved. Protocols are usually organised in layers, as it allows for easier debugging. The bottom layer is always physical, meaning wires, components and their connections. Notes list from #datacommunication sort file.name #subject