Sqlite Integrated

A python package for creating and editing sqlite3 databases.

Creating Databases in Python Nicely After implementing queries i realized, that i now only need to write raw SQL when creating a new table. To fix this, and completely pythonify sqlite interaction, i now needed to implement a way to create a table in python. This was quite simple: I made a class called Column that contained all the settings an Sqlite3 collumn could have. With this new class i could create a database method called create_table that takes a list of columns.
Things Evolved Since that first post things have evolved a bit. After looking through the other pypi packages similar to this one i found two that peaked my interest: quick-sqlite SQLAlchemy The first of the two had a bunch of convenience functions that i was missing, so i added those. The other one was more interesting however. SQLAlchemy is a large package, that can map sql-databases to classes. I have no intention on this package becoming anywhere near as comprehensive as that.
The Idea
Sqlite Integrated - The Idea I have this past month been developing my first python package! Its called sqlite-integrated in the pypi. Its purpose is to simplify editing sqlite3 databases. Originally is was my intention to represent a database entry simply as a python dictionary. Like this: entry = {"id": 3, "Name": "Tom", "Age": 23} This is nice because it makes it possible to use familiar python dictionary syntax to change the entry.