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My name is Balder and this is my personal website. Here i write down what i learn to maybe help others some day. For now i will just act like people are reading my articles, and make them for fun.

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I write these articles for fun, and even though i try to make sure that they are correct, i am not a perfect human and there are sure to be mistakes. Below is a list of most recent articles in all categories.

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Taylorpolynomium $n$‘te grads taylorpolynomium udvikles om $x = a$. $$P_{n}(x) = f(a) + \frac{f’(a)}{1!}(x-a)^{1}+ \frac{f''(a)}{2!}(x-a)^{2}+ \dots + \frac{f^{(n)}(a)}{n!}(x-a)^n$$ Linarisering benytter et førstegrads taylorpolynomium. Hvis man tager nok led med kan man i nogle tilfælde finde et præcist udtryk for funktionen. Fejlvurdering (Taylors Sætning) Maksimal fejl $$|E(x)| \leq \frac{|f^{(n+1)}(s_{maks})|}{(n+1)!}(x-a)^{n+1}$$ $s_{maks}$ : Den $s$-værdi, der giver den største fejl. Fortegn for fejl Check fortegnet på $|f^{(n+1)}(s)| \cdot (x-a)^{n+1}$. Dette er fortegnet på fejlen.
TCP/IP Example of the logic inside a single router ![450](Pasted image 20230919124703.png) $L$: Data Link Address (mac addresses), each router has a local and a public address. $N$: IP of the sender and final receiver of a packet. Data Link Layer See [slides#page=3](KOM - Lecture 3_a - Itslearning.pdf). Sublayers Data Link Control (DLC) : this layer takes care of all the issues common to both point-to-point and broadcast links. Media Access Control (MAC) : Only deals with the issues specific to broadcast links.
Terminalhastighed $$v_t = \sqrt{\frac{mg}{\rho AC_D}},\s \text{sandt når } F_D = F_g$$ $v_t$ : Terminalhastigheden. $m$ : Massen af objektet. $g$ : Tyngdeaccelerationen. $\rho$ : Densiteten af luften. $A$ : Frontarealet af objektet. $C_D$ : Drag koefficient. $F_D$ : Luftmodstandskraften. $F_g$ : Tyngdekraften. #fysik
The C++ Preprocessor
The C++ Processor The first part of a c++-file. All commands that interact with the processor are preceded by a ‘#’. Directives Guards Control flow in the preprocessor. These are mostly used in [header files](header files). If you run into errors like: “you have declared this twice”, you probably need to guard its declaration. #ifndef MY_VARIABLE #define MY_VARIABLE #include <import-one>#include <import-two>#include <import-three>#include <import-four> decrarations... #endif #cpp
The OSI model
The OSI model Open system interconnection model. Layers Physical layers Electrical layer and Physical connections Physical addressing Logical addressing Transport 4. Transport layer User layers 5. Communication management 6. Data encoding, compression and encryption. 7. Application It also defines timing and endures reliability. #datacommunication
Thevenin Ækvivalens
Thevenin Ækvivalens Beregn det Thevenin-ækvivalente kredsløb. Find $R_T$ “nulstil” alle strømkilder (nulling) Regn den ækvivalente modstand Find $V_T$ Sæt $i$ (slut-strømmen) til $0$. Find spændingen #elektronik
Thread Deadlocks
Thread Deatdocks Hold and Wait No Preemption Circular Wait #computerarkitecture
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