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My name is Balder and this is my personal website. Here i write down what i learn to maybe help others some day. For now i will just act like people are reading my articles, and make them for fun.

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Safe State
Safe State A stats is safe if the system can allocate resources to each thread in some order to still avoid deadlock.
Scrum Scrum is an experimental approach to software development. It is hard to develop a program top-down. Meaning structuring everything from the beginning and then implementing it. Scrum is therefore a bottom-up way to develop software. Scum is used together with strategies like Extreme Programming for Unified Process. Self directed and self-organizing teams Tasks are decided at the beginning of every iteration Daily stand-up meetings Demonstrations for external stakeholders The Scrum Standup Meeting Stand up - because it should be short.
Sekant En sekant er en linje, der går gennem to punkter på en graf, det er disse punkter det giver sekanten dens hældning. Sekantens hældning (differenskvotienten) $$a=\frac{y_2-y_1}{x_2-x_1} = \frac{f(x_0+h)-f(x_0)}{\c{x_0} + h - \c{x_0}} = \frac{f(x_0+h)-f(x_0)}{h}$$ Når $h$ går mod $0$, går sekantens hældning mod tangentens hældning. Altså er tangentens hældning dette: $$f'(x_0)= \lim_{h \rightarrow 0} \left(\frac{f(x_0+h)-f(x_0)}{h}\right)$$ Se også Linære Funktioner Tangent Differentialregning Tags #matematik
Seperation of Variables
Seperation of Variables $$u(x,y) = F(x)G(y)$$ This is not true for all $u(x,y)$. It must be linear and homogeneous. Eigen Values The special values of $\lambda$ that allow you to satisfy the boundary conditions. $$ \begin{cases} \lambda > 0: &\Rightarrow & f(x) = \sin(\sqrt{\lambda}y) + \cos(\sqrt{\lambda }y) \ \lambda < 0: &\Rightarrow & f(x) = e^{\pm\sqrt{\lambda}y} \end{cases} $$ Procedure Assume that $u(x,y) = F(x)G(y)$ Differentiate to get the derivatives your equation contains.
Sequences The digital representation of a signal. If you laplace-transform a sequence, you will end up with an infinite amount of poles.
Serieforbindelser “In order for elements A and B to be in series, no other path for current can be connected to the node joining A and B. Thus, all elements in a series circuit have identical currents.” The direction of current flow is IRRELEVANT. Resistance ($R$) The sum of resistances. $$R_{eq} = R_1 + R_2 + R_3 + \dots$$ $R_{eq}$ : Den ækvivalente modstand. $R_n$ : Modstanden i hver modstand der er serieforbundet.
Shannon Formula
Shannon Formula (Noisy Channel) Calculates the upper limit for the data rate for the physical transmission material. $$V_{S} = B \cdot \log_{2}(1+SNR)$$ $V_{S}$: Data rate $[\text{bit} / s]$ or $[\text{BPS}]$ $B$: Bandwidth $[\text{Hz}]$ $SNR$: Signal-to-noise ratio Note: this does not take signal levels into a count.
Signal element
Signal element The shortest unit of time that can represent a packet of bits. A signal element can reperesent more than one bit by having more levels. A signal that can only be HIGH or LOW, can only represent one bit pr. signal element, but a signal that can be 1V, 2V, 3V or 4V, can reperecent TWO, bits pr. signal element. A small number of signal levels is easier to parse the signal and lessens the effectes of distortion.
Signal Processing
Signal Processing Decibels $$A_{dB} = 20 \cdot \log_{10}(A_{\text{times}})$$ Notes list from #signalprocessing sort file.name
Signal Reconstruction
Signal Reconstruction See slides. Digital to Analog Converter (D/A) Et “holdekredsløb” bruges til at “fylde tiden ud”. Reconstruction Filter The filter that “smooths is all out”. The reconstruction filter ideally compensates for the $\text{sinc}$-function.